Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weapons now part of Golemizer

It wasn't an easy update to push online as misinformation have lead some players to think that the focus was shifting away from golems.

However, after explaining how the whole system is working, the reaction is now much more positive. Sure, there will still be some adjustments to make but overall it should open new doors to Golemizer.

I'm pretty sure that in no time I will receive comments in the line of "Weapons are not powerful enough..." once players get to play a bit with them. However, weapons will remain a way to support golems, not replace them. Pretty soon, players will realize that trying to face golems with only weapons is way more harder than they thought it to be.

The addition of weapons might interest players more familiar with traditional MMO gameplay. My goal is to lead them to discover that there can be much more than just shooting things randomly.