Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fitting Golemizer in a 730x510 or 840x700 area

If anyone have ideas or can help...

In my quest to reach a larger audience, I need to figure a way to create an alternative interface of a smaller size. The point is to be able to submit the game to game portals so they can show Golemizer on their own website (without any pop-up). Not being a Flash game makes it harder to convince portals to put the game on their website so I need to make it easier for them.

The ideal size to reach would be 730x510 pixels which is beginning to be a little small but also seems to be a size that most website can host.

The size 840x700 pixels is probably a more realistic target though can still be a bit large. This is the size at which Runescape appears on Anyway, that would be better than nothing.

The currrent size of the game is 1020x730 pixels.

Some parts of the "play zone" would have to be cut. It would have to work a bit like Starcraft (move mouse to borders to scroll to area not seen). Other than that, it would remain the same. I already have a prototype for this and it seems to be working fine.

Everything at the bottom of the "play zone" would required to be changed. I'm not really good at interface design so if anyone have ideas... Many things can be done. Tabs can be added, scrolling areas, multiple toolbars that can be scrolled (think toolbars in WoW) and so on. While being at it, things like buttons, the wooden border and colors could also change.

You can check the following website to get a clue of what can be done:

Anyone can help? I'll probably post an ad to look for an artist if it can be done on small budget. If anyone know an artist that you think would be able to do a sketch, please let me know.

You can check Golemizer here: