Sunday, March 29, 2009

Press Release - First free expansion for Golemizer: Diluculo Island

Blainville, Canada - March 30, 2009 -- Dave Toulouse, an independent game developer, announced the first free content expansion, Diluculo Island, for the free web MMORPG Golemizer ( A free 2D steampunk MMORPG, Golemizer requires no download or plug-in to play and features a rich sandbox environment.

Following the path of a mysterious scientist named Dr. Grant, players will discover an island where strange creatures, the bymizins, are living. Are they friendly? Are they hostile? Players will have to find out for themselves while facing the many dangers of the island like giant spiders, zombie velociraptors and the terrifying X-Rex (a steam powered dinosaur).

Along a storyline of 100 new quests, the Diluculo Island expansion features:

- Over 200 new zones to explore
- 3 new golems that players can create (zombie velociraptor, mecha repair-o-tron and even the X-Rex)
- 10 new skills available to all characters
- New island themed items that players can buy to customize their cities and dungeons
- The first vehicle in Golemizer, a blimp that can be built by players!

To meet the requirements of the constantly growing number of players and NPCs (over 10 000), Golemizer has recently been moved to a new server to provide the best gaming experience possible.

Since its release in September 2008, more than 19 000 players have roamed the creative world of Golemizer. In their journey, they have created 1 200 quests using the player quests creation system, crafted over 800 000 items and created more than 5 000 new zones using the player dungeon system.

About Dave Toulouse

Dave Toulouse is an independent game developer with eight years of professional web development experience working to provide rich multiplayer experience on the web. Progress of current and future projects can be followed at

Dave Toulouse

Pictures of the Diluculo Island expansion:

You Tube channel including a teaser for Diluculo Island:

Media kit:


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Server transfer completed

The new server is online for some hours now and everything is running smoothly.

To my surprise, nothing bad happened in the process of transferring everything.

CPU usage is currently about at 2-3% which a lot better than the previous 50%-80% (and sometimes 90%+...) on the old server.

It took 6 months to get to the limit of the previous server, let's see how long this one will last.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Golemizer on FOX Houston

Well that's a surprise. Have I told you how much I like the web? Only the web can get a website built by a french canadian featured on TV in Texas!

Source: Golemizer on FOX Houston

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