Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interesting survey results

Buying virtual items is now common!

As seen on Massively

Direct link to survey results

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I will have a busy play schedule

Never paid attention to Champions Online until today. Seems that they finally got what an Hero MMO should be about: Permanent interactions with other players.

I never really got into CoH/CoV because you group for the sake of leveling (the objective doesn't matter) and PvP seemed so far away from me poor casual player.

From what I understand, the availability of PvP and zone scenarios seems to be close to an FPS like Quake Live than a real MMO. Add the possibility to waste countless hours customizing your hero and you got me in.

At least, I'll take a look! Seems like the gamer in game is waking up after being dead for about 2 years!

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Monday, July 27, 2009


Bought it, love it!

Amazing graphics, smooth gameplay, easy enough for me on normal mode. I also like the narrator between each level. Really makes you feel part of a fantasy book.

Available on Steam for $30.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Discovering indie games

For some weeks I'm allowing myself to play games from time to time, you know, just to remain sane and think of something else!

Well I almost forgot how it was fun. First game I bought was Zeno Clash. The reviews were praising it's hand-to-hand combat system and they were right. You really get to enjoy throwing punches. The game is beautiful and the look is very different from what we usually. Really enjoy that punk theme.

Only drawback is that the game is a bit difficult. There's no easy mode and I guess that it's meant that way. It's all fine with me, it's nice to see a game with no easy mode. However, it's just not for me. The combat can get repetitive a bit and when you have to replay the same fight 3-4 times from the start it can get frustrating for someone with little time for me. Yeah, call me carebear, I don't mind. I just don't have fun banging my head over and over just to get to the next part of the story. The game is all fine but not quite for me I guess.

But hey, I paid the game only $10. Maybe I won't get to the end of the game but I have played for more than 4 hours so it's cheaper than going to see a movie at the theater. Fair enough.

Now I just tried the Trine demo. I played a lot of platformer when I was younger and lost interest a couple of years ago. However, Trine is bringing back my interest! The game is incredibly beautiful, inventive and just challenging enough to feel like you have "beaten" the level without being frustrated to start over and over because you're not as good as you used to be...

I think I'll drop the $30 to buy Trine. I played about 30 minutes with the demo and had a blast and it's been a long time since I didn't have fun like that with a platformer. And the best part, I can play for just 30 minutes and feel like I have made some progress! Perfect for me!

All of this through Steam. Once you got the client installed, it's really easy to click that "purchase" button and I feel like I might do this a couple of time if I keep finding some pearls like Trine.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So I went back to SWG for the free veteran trial...

... and saw nobody on my old server (Tarquinas). I did all major cities, cantina and big player cities and saw nobody. I never ran into anyone. I'm sure there's still some people there but when I checked, it was bloody empty.

Since it was free, I decided to hang around a bit, see what happened to this game I had great fun in. Checked the server and Starsider load was "very heavy" so I went there. Started a new character and did the whole tutorial to get to level 10 (think I skipped some missions at the end though).

That's when I got into space that I really had fun. This expansion was the best IMHO. So out of the tutorial, I went looking for a Scyk fighter with higher mass than the one I got from the tutorial.

Oh god... This server might be active but surely not as much as it used to be. I visited over 30 ships vendors and never found the chassis I was looking for. In fact, I never saw a vendor with much chassis in it. I could have respec my level 80 character that I brought back from Tarquinas to a crafter but honestly, I'm so far behind now and never crafted any ships so that's when I knew I was done. I just wanted to have some fun in space but it's kinda hard when you're stuck with the newbie ship.

Still, my little experience in space reminded me how much fun I had there. Now I think I will renew my space flying experience soon. Well, at least when Jumpgate Evolution is released. Yep! I will "try" to play an MMO again! Not much for the social aspect but for flying in space and try a bit some PvP.

I guess I could also reinstall Tie Fighter or X-Wing Alliance but honestly I don't have much fun to only play against the AI. It's like playing Unreal Tournament with only bots. It's not as fun as you know the computer doesn't swear when it gets fragged. :)

So I'll probably start to do some reading on the game, get in the mood and see if I can manage to find some minutes here and there to play while working on Golemizer. I really need a hobby so that might be it.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Indie contest but...

... for US residents only:

Well, it would have been a nice opportunity. Anyway, back to work on positive stuff...

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