Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So I went back to SWG for the free veteran trial...

... and saw nobody on my old server (Tarquinas). I did all major cities, cantina and big player cities and saw nobody. I never ran into anyone. I'm sure there's still some people there but when I checked, it was bloody empty.

Since it was free, I decided to hang around a bit, see what happened to this game I had great fun in. Checked the server and Starsider load was "very heavy" so I went there. Started a new character and did the whole tutorial to get to level 10 (think I skipped some missions at the end though).

That's when I got into space that I really had fun. This expansion was the best IMHO. So out of the tutorial, I went looking for a Scyk fighter with higher mass than the one I got from the tutorial.

Oh god... This server might be active but surely not as much as it used to be. I visited over 30 ships vendors and never found the chassis I was looking for. In fact, I never saw a vendor with much chassis in it. I could have respec my level 80 character that I brought back from Tarquinas to a crafter but honestly, I'm so far behind now and never crafted any ships so that's when I knew I was done. I just wanted to have some fun in space but it's kinda hard when you're stuck with the newbie ship.

Still, my little experience in space reminded me how much fun I had there. Now I think I will renew my space flying experience soon. Well, at least when Jumpgate Evolution is released. Yep! I will "try" to play an MMO again! Not much for the social aspect but for flying in space and try a bit some PvP.

I guess I could also reinstall Tie Fighter or X-Wing Alliance but honestly I don't have much fun to only play against the AI. It's like playing Unreal Tournament with only bots. It's not as fun as you know the computer doesn't swear when it gets fragged. :)

So I'll probably start to do some reading on the game, get in the mood and see if I can manage to find some minutes here and there to play while working on Golemizer. I really need a hobby so that might be it.

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labatterie said...

You will renew my space flying experience soon?