Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Learning about the past to understand current days

Following this story for some days now, the result is this new wiki about MUDs.

MUDs are not something I ever been into, mostly because I was unaware of their existence at the time I could have been interested by them (and the lack of internet connection didn't helped...) and that now I'm happy just reading about the subject.

Worth to take some time for neophytes like me in the subject.

In other news, I finally installed the trial for EVE Online. I'm completely lost and I like it. Current goal is to slowly understand the basics. I did managed to get a new ship and a new turret (but forgot to buy ammo...). Might take more than one trial to be able to "learn it" as my play time is somewhere between the time I stop working on Golemizer and going to bed, which is about 30 minutes.

Don't look for me in there, this is currently just a casual experiment.