Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Server problems are over, now what?

Since last sunday, the game is now running on the new dedicated server. Finally! Everything should be much more stable now.

Yesterday's update saw the addition of rules of conduct and new commands for GMs to use (mute and ban). While I wish there will be little reasons to use those, with the crowd that keeps getting bigger, tools are needed to handle problematic situations.

With 4352 accounts created (so it's about 3000 new accounts since launch, about 1000 new accounts per week) and a core of about 100 players playing each day (and about 300 players playing on a regular basis), things can easily get out of hands.

I'm beginning to prepare myself for the next press release that should be around November 14th (2 months after launch). So far, the press release have been the main factor of the boost of recurring players. So my plan is to work on specific systems to be able to produce a new significant press release every 2 months to keep getting regular boosts of visitors. Getting people to know your website is the hard part so I'm planning to use this strategy to put Golemizer on the map. The current plan for the next press release should talk about the new tools to build player dungeons.

I'm also working on expanding the tutorial to make it more interesting as I want to have a better "welcoming" system for the next press release. I probably have lost many players in the first 2 minutes of their experience so I want to make sure they have something specific to do when they first enter the game.

Other than that, Golemizer now appears on the first page of results on Google when searching for "free web mmorpg" and is also almost on the first page when searching for "web mmorpg". The interest of this is that people that found the game from searching on Google are most likely to be recurrent players as they were searching for this in the first place. When you see a press release or an ad, you might click on it just out of curiosity but you weren't looking for it in the first place. Now that I'm almost just under I feel I did a good job on SEO.