Sunday, October 19, 2008

More sand in the box!

Ok, so Vendetta online were faster than me: Their system has more features also (like the ability to spawn NPCs). But hey, is it still good if I say that players will be able to create some quests in Golemizer?

Tonight I gave access to GMs to the test server so they can take a look at the "Quest NPCs" I added. These NPCs are quest givers that can be customized to provide 4 types of quests:

- Give item
- Defeat opponent(s)
- Talk (just talking to the NPC)
- Give answer (players will have to type the expected answer)

These are the first 4 types which should be enough to get started and play with the system a bit. Not very complex but it's a start. Players can set the text, prerequisites and rewards of each quests. They can also chain multiple quests on the same NPC.

The point of this system is first to put a bit more sand in the box but also to allow GMs and me to create new content much more rapidly.

Of course, some might remember that I didn't want to put "kill 10 rats" type of quests in Golemizer. Well, ever since the launch of the game, I keep getting requests to add these... Anyway, while it's possible to build "kill 10 rats" quests, the point is to give a tool to put more lore into the world. Currently, the world is a bit faceless. Players like the concept but are having a hard time to "get into the mood". Something's missing. Not really the "kill 10 rats" itself but that old guy that talks funny in that city that wants you to kill 10 rats.

My favorite type of quest is the "Give answer". You can't chose an answer, you have to figure it out. This can be an answer you can find on Google or this might be something that you would have to find in the game.

For example, "I think Dr Mad is up to something. Go in his lab and tell me the name of his evil plan.". The player first must find the lab and then look for "the name" he's been asked. He discover a golem with a special name, go back to the quest giver and type the name of the golem. Simple but again, just knowing the Dr Mad (that could be a player!) is up to something is adding flavor to the world.

A dedicated player could build a full storyline involving his character by using these Quest NPCs. Ok, I'm obviously very excited about this but I know that about only 1% of players will actually use this system (there's this pyramid somewhere that I should look for showing that very little players are of the builder type). At the very least, it's more tools for GMs and me!

More to come later.