Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Star Wars: The Old Browser

ok, I get it... I need to update my browser... Well, according to the new Star Wars: The Old Republic website.

I should get a new computer in the following weeks (I swear I have suffered enough of using this old crap I still dare to call a computer). I guess that by the time this game is released that it won't be powerful enough to play it.

The good side is that by then, maybe I'll actually have some time to play a MMORPG... And yes, this time, if I actually play, I'm going for the glowstick. And yes, if I play, it will again be really roleplaying. First because I enjoy it and second because I'm bad at anything that sounds like Pv... anyway.

I said that for SWG as well and ended up roleplaying a sociopath psychotic ranger turned pistoleer turned medic turn bounty hunter. Sure it was fun but there's a little something about that glowstick that I'd like to try.