Monday, September 29, 2008

History repeat

UPDATE: Server back online

Unable to reach server, yadda yadda yadda. Got my host on the problem once again.

I ordered a new dedicated server with and if everything goes right, it should be online this week. I'm hoping to have the game playable on it by sunday, October 5th.

It's really frustrating that I had so little problems with the current host for such a long time and then everything has gone wrong for the last week. Their support delay is excellent but I'd rather not have to contact them in the first place.


Received this answer to the support ticket I opened with my host:

As you are now aware, the hostnode that you are on (WINVPS16) has been experiencing issues since late last week. We have installed new drives onto that machine and installed Windows and Virtuozzo.

Once we have completed that installation, we will be relocating ALL VPS containers on WINVPS16 to other machines, so we can work on the issues that are affecting this particular hostnode.

No ETA yet...


We're almost done installing Virtuozzo now. Once we do that, we can then start bringing up individual containers to migrate them to other machines. We'll notify each customer as we restore their services onto different machines.

You know it's a big problem when it's the Vice President of sales that is writing to you...

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