Saturday, July 5, 2008

Smooth change to AI system

So the AI system is now using .NET code instead of LUA and everything has been running smoothly since saturday. Memory is stable, logs aren't full of strange LUA errors and I even allowed did some minor improvements here and there.

Tonight I finished what you could call the first "dungeon". For now, it's mostly just a place to provide targets to new players so they can play around. At the end there's a small reward and a badge.

This first "dungeon" was also a first test for some new commands to check how easily I can add new stuff to the game without the need to reboot the server. Well the experiment succeeded. I built the whole thing inside game logged with my admin account. No fancy stuff with the database was needed or reboot to reload new stuff. Quite happy with it. Got a clear idea for the next place of interest of this kind which I should add this week.

Tonight, I also wrote a list of web sites to advertise the game as open beta, some directories where other free MMORPG are listed. I will probably announce "officially" the game this week, but still as beta. Been waiting for this for a long time now so I can't wait to receive more comments. From now, holding the game longer is useless. It needs to live a bit.

Off to sleep to get this started later this week.