Monday, June 30, 2008

Big change almost done and programmer type

It turns out that using dynamically compiled VB.NET code is easier than I thought. Using some nice tutorial, I've been able to quickly rebuild the engine and did some improvement on how the threads are handled. Now the longest part is to convert all the LUA code to .NET, which is almost finished. Beta server should be back online this weekend as planned.

While working on Golemizer, I had to rethink more than one system, figuring out they were too limited or performed too badly (after release I plan to write a post about this).

When I face this kind of situation, it often seems like a huge mountain across my path but mostly end up being quickly resolved. Without sounding full of myself, I'm sometime amazed how "painlessly" I'm able to turn a system upside down to transform it into what I really need.

According to this post from Joe Ludwig, I'm probably of the Workhorse type. In some way, I think I would have never got that far without being of the workhorse type. I've been working on this project for 1 year now (part time, night and weekend) and I'm just about to hit release.

Of course, if you go read that post, you'll see the downside of the workhorse type and I fully admit it. I never considered myself like a "top of the line" coder and my desire to get things done sometimes lead me down to some dark places. In my case, the destination matters most than the path taken. I do "like" coding to some degree but I don't code because I like it. I code because I need it. Creating is what drives me, not programming.

However, knowing my weak side, I also know to be careful. Otherwise, if I mess it up too bad, it will be an hindrance to my first objective, creating. Creating something that doesn't work well ain't any good for me so I try to be careful and try to get away from the keyboard when I'm about to do something silly.

To the Workhorse, add some Explorer too. While I did work on 2 other browser games, Golemizer is a whole different matter. Remember, my background is web site development/business data software so I was miles away from what a (mini) MMORPG requires, though that didn't stopped me to search, learn, try and do.

Once again, that Explorer side is goal driven. No need to get dirty if it doesn't get me what I want. However, if needed, I'll jump in the mud and learn what's needed to get it done.

Some may think applying "tags" to yourself is a bit oversimplifying one's personality but I find it helpful to describe yourself to others and mostly to yourself. Most people won't admit it but knowing yourself correctly is not always an easy task, just for the fact that you might not have the right words to do so.

Those words, as generic as they may be, may help to know what can and can't be done. What's within your reach and what will end up just being another project left for dead after so much hype.

Now, back to work! It ain't over yet!