Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Official open beta for Golemizer

So here it is: http://www.golemizer.com

So what "open beta" means exactly for Golemizer? Well, it's basically the official release of the game. I'll keep the beta tag as long as needed, until I'm satisfied with the global state of the game with active/returning players in it.

Beta doesn't mean there will be data reset or any such things. It's mostly a friendly warning for "work in progress". More content will be added, mechanics might be adjusted, data tweaked and other such things.

To advertise the game, I first did some basic directory submitting and then started some minor ad testing with Project Wonderful. Project Wonderful is a nice and cheap way to generate some traffic to get things started.

I builded some banners which are simple but should be enough for now. You can take a look at them by clicking these links:

468x60 (animated)
468x60 (static)

So I invite you to take a look, leave some comments and spread the word! Remember, that's only the beginning! I'm still as motivated as the first day and not afraid to put in the work needed to make this a success!


Micha said...

Got it up on my site. Hopefully a few folks that visit from the PALib DS programming forums will see it and check it out.

Over00 said...

Thanks Micha. And once again, thanks for all the help through this project.

Nathan Johnston said...

I am impressed. I mean really. I actually didn't think something like this would exist (let alone having one person build it).

In short your world reminds me of the first time I logged into a MUSH and I saw a wild world of opportunity for imagination.

I just have one question: Can you update the art assets while logged into the game (ie via your admoin account?)

I think I'll go make an account and start playing. Hopefully it won't take away my life as NexusWars did.

Thank you.

-N. Johnston

Over00 said...

Thanks Nathan! If I understand correctly what you said, to update the art, like if I'd want to change the cow art for a better one, I'd have to change the file in the directoy on the server.

While in-game, I can create items and NPCs that are already preset (like I can create 10 cows on the fly without the need to do any database/ftp tricks, all in-game).

James said...

Damn fine job. Impressive use of javascript. I was certain that was flash when I first loaded the client. If you were to add boats (perhaps they are there already) you'd practically have all of the original UO functionality - in js, wowza!

Keep up the good work!

Over00 said...

Thanks for the comment James!

I actually thought about using Flash as the client when I started this project. I then decided to stick with things I was already familiar with to make sure to bring this project to the finish line.

Since everything is really client/server, the good thing is that if I ever decide to revamp the client in some years, it's completely independant from the server so plugging in a Flash client or even a desktop client would be quite "easy".

Oh and boats! Already got some notes written on this so who knows...