Thursday, July 24, 2008

Open beta update

It's going very well! The error logs is getting shorter and shorter each day. Yesterday there was about less than 20 logs related to 3 different bugs and tonight's update should at least fix 2 of them and I'll have to wait to confirm the other one is fixed.

I've said it before but the comments screen on logout is probably the best feature of the game (well, on my side at least). I've been receiving loads of reports AND feedback (always nice to get some nice words from a player that enjoyed what he saw).

Tonight's update see the addition of global chat, a feature requested by some players on the boards. I think it will help the growing community to help each others and to share ideas. There's a small increase of forums activities too which is also great. A lot of good stuff is being discussed there and it provides a nice way for me to help fix the remaining bugs.

The diminution of errors logged means that I'll probably be able to focus a bit more on content now. Among the things currently planned there is a new "dungeon" (with a new type of NPC), the players' cities system (which I'll work on during my vacation at the beginning of August), more collectionable items that can be bought with prestige points and more quests.

My goal would be to make an official release of Golemizer by the end of the summer. Press release is planned and I have already spotted some web sites that might help getting the news out.

However, the best way to attract more players is still to have players talk about it. So if you enjoy the ride, see the long term potential of this project, I invite you to share your experience with others. Links to the game on blogs is always welcomed!

Oh and digging up the official open beta release here: is also a good way to help the game!