Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Open beta update and a small gadget

I thought this day would never come! It seems that there's no major/moderate bugs left! The errors log is empty and I haven't received any report about game breaking bugs for some days now.

There's still some annoyances left and some tweaks to do but at that point, Golemizer could have been released for 3 years that I would still be saying this. It's quite the reality of all MMOs IMHO, you can always improve something.

So I can now concentrate on content! I got one new dungeon in the work and had some time to begin the players cities system. I think this system will be a nice addition and will help to make Golemizer a little bit more like a sandbox game, if such thing really exist (I guess it depends on how you define it anyway...).

Maple have thrown some more ideas to help me build more content which is really helpful and will force me to add more decorative items to make the world a bit more alive.

Tonight I added a small gadget on the forums. It's an automated signature linked to characters in the game. The login of the forums must match the login used for the game (NOT the character's name, the login) to show an dynamically generated image containing the avatar of the character, it's name, rank, points, badges gained and the creation date of the character.

It's really just a gadget but it helps to link the game with the forums and make a nice little trophy that can also be used on other web sites, blogs or anything else.

To see a sample, click here.

To know more about this signature and how to post it on your blog, go to this thread.

It's great to finally have some time to spend on other things than bugs.


bonder said...

Congratulations! As a fellow ASP.Net guy, I'm excited to see what you've been able to do with the tools I use every day!

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate if you guys were able to increase the map a little bit. Also, I'm not a big fan of the way the map is right now. it's too squared and unreal...

Over00 said...

Yes, I'm aware that the current map is not great.

It's mostly because I have not the right skills to do something that looks better and that for now, I'm holding new artist work to improve the actual content of the game.

Maps will be revisited but I can't provide any ETA on this.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm sincerely into this game, specially because this is the first time I ever catch a game on it's beta version (usually, when I register an account, everybody is extremely developed. they also call me a 'noob' and kick my ass. not cool).

Since you've answered my last complaint, I'd like to know if my character will be erased after the experimental period.

Over00 said...

All characters, skills, items will be kept once open beta is done. So won't lose anything.

The only exception would be if someone would have used a bug to exploit the game and gain an unfair advantage. In that case, I would only fix the exploiter and everyone else would still keep their account as it was.

Most big MMOs are doing a reset at the end of beta but can count on thousands and thousand of players. In my case, deleting everything at the end of beta would only be a frustrating experience.

I really appreciate all the reports I'm currently receiving so keeping all characters after open beta is my way of saying thanks.