Sunday, May 24, 2009

Steampunk MMO

If you're intested in steampunk MMOs (beside Golemizer of course...), Gatheryn is now accepting beta registration here:

It seems Steampunk is getting more love from MMOs recently. Of course, it's all coming from Golemizer... ;)

The one that is the most freaking me out is Neo Steam from... Atlus Online. Atlus... Dr. Altus... Of course, when you mess with the latin dictionary, there's some chances you come up with similar names... And I swear, when I decided of the name Dr. Altus for Golemizer I wasn't aware of Atlus Online.

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Borme said...

Bah, NeoSteam Really isn't a "steampunk" MMO, more.. Robots and an Item know as "neosteam", but, Gatheryn is looking very interesting.