Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lonely friday night = Star Trek movie

Girlfriend being out of town friday, I went to see Star Trek. I'm not a fan of Star Trek. Not because I don't like it but because I never really cared about it. The little I know is what I read on wikipedia. My verdict? Great movie!

Ok, nothing to blow your mind away but I didn't mind to pay way to much to see it anyway. I guess it was easier for me to like it exactly because I didn't cared about Star Trek. I'm sure the fans have a different opinion (haven't actually checked what is the feedback yet).

First, I loved how the "continuity problem" of a "reboot" is thrown out the window. I won't spoil anything but from someone like me, it kinda gives me the right to like Star Trek (or what it may become). Surely I'm not the only one in this situation so that allows me to enjoy the movie for what it is currently, a single movie.

Sure, there's weak points, like a lot of movies, but I wasn't expecting more. The problem often comes from expectations. At one point, fans are not expecting to see a movie but THE movie they thought it would be. For example, Lucas didn't raped my childhood with Jar Jar... I wasn't expecting to see the story I thought it would be, just the story Lucas made up. I won't touch with a ten foot pole the whole matter of "but it's the fan that gave him his success".

So what did I like? The actors behind Kirk and Spock were really good IMHO. The actors but also what the characters are. For a sci-fi movie, I actually cared about these characters. The way they are handled made me feel like I could know them without having really seen anything else about Star Trek. And if they are different from what they were, I don't care. What was done here was well done.

From the trailers, Kirk looked to me as the next teenagers' star. After having see the movie I must admit I feel different. I believed in the character the small flashbacks at the beginning gave me a nice picture of the character without needing to say more.

Another thing I'm sure fans will say is that characters are caricatures of themselves. To some degree I'll agree with them but I feel it was needed. J. J. Abrams made this movie from the point of view of someone that wasn't a fan so he nailed it. I didn't know the characters and in a 2 hours movie, you don't have the time to go really deep when you have that much characters (those expecting more should read books instead, those are made for this...). Chekov was hilarious but still believable. Honestly, we all know some nerd of that type.

So, will I become a fan of Star Trek? No. If a sequel is done I'll go see it for sure but I won't watch the series or the other movies. I'm a fan of THIS movie but I still don't care of the Star Trek universe.

J. J. Abrams made a good movie IMO and I take it for what it is: A good movie.