Saturday, February 28, 2009

MMO & Indie

If you're indie, don't do an MMO. If you're a hobbyist, don't even dream about it.

Ok, so the post I'm referring to is 4 years old. Funny how the web is changing everything. Of course Golemizer is not the typical 3D AAA MMO "next WoW-Killer"... But still, it shows how the definition of MMOs have changed over time.

Source: Clicky


Alehkhs said...

What a coincidence; I'm putting together a small post for TIGSource on the movement of Indie-games towards the field of MMOs. Golemizer is one of the games I plan to cite.

Over00 said...

Nice, will read with great interest. TIGSource really is a nice website for indie games. Discovered quite some interesting games over there.