Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some more improvement to the website

With the help of Armando Elizondo, you'll see some improvement on

The default page shows Dr. Altus working on a zombie and the login page of the game shows the zombie now alive and Dr. Altus again.

I'm very pleased by the result. It gives the game more personality and helps visitors to know what the game is about in the first seconds of visiting the website. Most people don't really care if the game they are looking at is an indie game or a big production so it's important to try to always create a good impression, even where you're on a budget.

Some will say that it's not the graphics that makes the game fun (including me) but you'd be surprised to know the number of comments I received related to the graphic quality. It's the first thing people get from your game and it seems that unless you went with a minimalistic look (here and here), there's good chances they will just walk away.

It would be easier if I had some graphic talents but eh... The free libraries really helped a lot otherwise it would have cost quite a lot to produce all the items currently found in the game.