Sunday, September 14, 2008

Official launch of Golemizer free web MMORPG

Quebec Canada, September 14, 2008 -- Dave Toulouse, an independent game developer, today announced the release of Golemizer ( A free 2D steampunk MMORPG, Golemizer requires no download or plug-in to play and features crafting, pets, player housing and player cities.

"I played Golemizer when it was in Beta and think it is a really interesting game. I'm excited to see independent developers try something different and innovative," said professional MMO developer Brian 'Psychochild' Green. "Dave has shown that you don't need a large budget to make an online game."

About Golemizer

Golemizer is a free 2D steampunk world where players are set in the role of scientists creating monsters and many other devices to obtain glory and fame. Inspired by sandbox environment games, Golemizer includes features aimed to give players more influence over the world:

- Persistent monsters created by players
- Skills system allowing full freedom over character development
- Crafting system allowing players to provide most items of the world
- Player housing
- Player cities
- Player merchants
- 2D avatar based chat between players
- Guild system
- RSS feeds of recent events while players are offline
- Quests and a badge reward system

Free and requiring no download or plug-in, Golemizer offers a different multiplayer experience by taking players away from swords and magic to bring them to a rich crafting world. Golemizer is updated on a regular basis with new content and new systems giving players more power over the environment. For more information or to play the game, please visit

About Dave Toulouse

Dave Toulouse is an independent game developer with eight years of professional web development experience working to provide rich multiplayer experience on the web. Progress of current and future projects can be followed at

Dave Toulouse

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Anonymous said...

For somebody with "...eight years of professional web development experience..." I would have to question why your screenshots on the website are the sizes they are. Thry vary from half a megabyte to nearly a full meg?

Over00 said...

Indeed, this was unfortunate. I can't make excuses, though mistakes do happen.

I resaved the screenshots so their sizes are now lower.

Thanks for taking the time to point this to me.