Saturday, June 14, 2008


This kind of test doesn't really tell you anything new, just give you a title to brag about and seek other people like you.

Here's my result:

SEKA players are usually very interested in the the 'total experience' of a virtual world--meeting other people and finding the unique places within it. They don't care much for PVP or levelling, but meeting up with online friends to see new parts of the world is usually fun and exciting.

Breakdown: Achiever 13.33%, Explorer 73.33%, Killer 40.00%, Socializer 73.33%

Well, the test got me right. One thing I don't understand though: "The game that has the highest proportion of people like you (SEKA) is Unreal Tournament."

Well, I played Unreal Tournament for quite some years, beating everyone at the office (to the point where they wouldn't play with me again... sad story). But then I stopped and tried later and had lost all the speed and reflex I had. I'm getting old I guest? Never liked the addition of vehicules anyway... InstaGib forever!

So, what "letters" are you? Go take the Bartle Test to know.

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