Sunday, June 1, 2008

Players' Bounties as PvE as PvP

Still working on adding content. Some new commands were added to the AI and now the sheriff is in.

The sheriff is an NPC that will reward you for hunting a specific golem owned by another player. As long as there are golems in the world, the sheriff will keep giving you missions to hunt them down. The number of missions completed is tracked down so badges or special rewards could be awarded after 50,100,1000 missions.

From now on, with all the new commands recently added, I should be able to add more quests without touching the code. Thinking of all the commands needed to track data in an efficient way was tricky at first but I finally figured a generic system that should be able to handle "go destroy", "craft", "gather", "go talk", "give", "pay" type of quests.

It's going well. End of june is still my targeted release date...