Saturday, February 9, 2008

Demo - AI scripting in action

Click here for the demo (will open in a new window)

The video is choppy (actually flash file) but it's still only me having difficulties to produce small and smooth Flash files. The actual game is much smoother than this.

Anyway, it shows some basic AI scripts done by Maple and me:

Cross: Running around the screen and telling how many laps he did

Cows: Moving inside the pen and randomly mooing

Farmer Joe: Greeting visitors

Mr Y: Listening to messages received. If he received "Hi", he'll say "Hi" as well. If he received more than 3 "Hi", he'll lose patience


Micha said...

Yeah, that is a bit choppy. Like two frames every three seconds.

I'll rewrite those Cow scripts to use the new functions sometime this weekend or early Monday morning.

Poo Bear said...

Looking good. I use Lua myself, it's nice and simple C script. Initially I had no debugger and that was an incredible pain, but then the "Decoda" lua debugger came out and everything was right with the world.