Friday, October 19, 2007

When to do the boring stuff

In every project, there's always some part that are just not that exciting. Some people like to get it done first to keep the icing for the end. Me, I say "do it when it's needed whatever it's fun or not". Well, I just "finished" the login/create account/forgot password system...

I've done more "login interface" than I can count. Each time I tell myself "Great, I'll use this in every other projects". Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. There's always some different twists, different needs and while you could probably come with some generic module to start, sometimes it's just easier to start from scratch. Some might say it's my design skills that are just terrible but if I take a look back at what I've been working on, I don't feel ashamed.

So the work on the interface is started and it's probably be as much job as doing the server side. That's ok, I'm gonna learn a lot. That will be the first time I'll use that much things like and Prototype and it will be just exciting to see what will become the "final product" evolving.