Sunday, October 14, 2007

A taste of what I have in mind for the interface

I'm at that point where I have most of the basic systems done and I need a more robust interface to test them all (my prototype is real dirty).

I'll start work on the interface and I need to figure some basic things as what will be the dimension. I'll be using the graphics found on Lost Garden and sprites generated from the Charas Project for the characters and NPCs. It's already in my plans to allow players to build their own sprites so they don't end up looking all the same. All they'll have to do is to upload the sprite and wait for approbation before setting it up to their character.

The chat and skills zones doesn't look really good but I'm hoping to find someone later to refine those parts unless I'm able to make something good out of it.

After reading this post from Elder Game, I'm now seriously thinking of adding some kind of on-screen map.

So here it is (click to zoom)