Saturday, June 6, 2009

MMORTS - How to handle that?

I like this thread:

But why? ... (!)


Borme said...

Is this a hint of things to come?
This is Dangerous.

Over00 said...

Who knows!

Last time I posted about that it was before going on vacation for Christmas­... ;)

It keeps my mind sane to work on other things from time to time.

martin said...

MMORTS - my favourite type of game, I dont know if this is at all relevant - but I havent yet found a game which matches up to my brain wave for ideal game, will it ever ?

I even decided I was going to learn C++ and its weaker friend Vb - but since its so time consuming I decided to hold on it for a while.

Dont be to doing anything hasty Over00 We need you, I need you to answer my PM on the new wall (Which I stole from the castle I made in October) !!!