Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learning from Eve Online


That made me thought of a new "unexploited market segment" for Golemizer: The only game you can play at work if your boss has cut Flash from your PC!

So if you're stuck in a cubicle with nothing to do, Golemizer is for you!

Seriously though (hmm, but I was serious!), it shows that if you believe in what you do and put a lot of work that there's some chances you'll be able to reach your goal.

There's no point cloning things you can't do as an indie developer. Instead, you should stop for a minute and think why you decided to go indie in the first place. You might found out that you decided to make games because you didn't find any game that was fitting what you were looking for.

Well guess what, you're not alone and not everyone will start to develop their own game! So there's a market for us. It's up to us to grab it.