Monday, April 20, 2009

Quests built by players - What are the games allowing this?

Just a small post to thank the people at for their post about user created content in City of Heroes:

Everquest is also allowing it to some degree:

Of course I won't pretend Golemizer did it first (that's been happening way before my time in MUDs and surely elsewhere that I'm not aware of) but hey! Let me have my 30 seconds of bragging :-P


Borme said...

One proplem that still bugs me is, players who have no talent for the stuff, (and, I wont say everything I create is Amazing. Chullthu Quest chain was a Major Fail! And I've seen much better quests than my own.) Keep createing low quality content, I mean, You have to wade though feces to get to gold? But, There is no good way for the better quest chains to be easiesy found..

The City of Heroes content is nice (They have more player-Created stuff than content created by the Devs) but I am guessing that at least 65% of it is junk (No statistical data in anyhing I say, btw ;D )

~Two Cents, Cause I'm bored.~

Over00 said...

Raph Koster is actually touching a bit the point about quality:

There's some good comments there.

Sage said...

Not many, I have to say. This may attract some players (like me) yet it still can be farmed. Things quickly get bland however after you make loads of quests and are number one, but one main point - some people just make them for ranking points. Do the devs even approve them?

Over00 said...

It's not a perfect system and since so few games are allowing players to build this kind of content, I guess we have yet to see better way to implement such system.

Quests approved in Golemizer are worth from 50 to 500 prestige points. Of course, many only receive 50 PP because they don't put much effort in it. That's the risk of having such system.

However, the nice thing is that we are able to track the quests that received a good critic from the GMs. So the key is to reward even more (reward doesn't always = points/gold) these players. One thing coming is a chart of best quest builders. Players that like to do quests will then have a way to track the best content there is (which is currently lacking some player tells you to do it).

While the current rankings will remain untouched, my intention is to drive attention away from it. I want other ways to rank players so not only the players spending the most time or those that found the best way to get points will receive some recognition.

Like I said it's not perfect, but I think it adds a lot to the game. If only to provide a new way to enjoy a game. Some are just enjoying building content and don't care much about points, that's the players I want to care about with this system as there's already other way to get points.

Anj said...
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Anj said...

Golemizer has the best quest building system I've seen so far. Nothing I've seen could compare to the complexity that Golemizer has.

I played a MMORPG called NeaB (Nowhere Else And Beyond) before that also has let other players build their own quests. Its pretty much like Golemizer. Except it has different movement, genre, graphics, and it is a grinder.