Sunday, January 4, 2009

Knowing when to take a break

I don't know if it's because of the holidays or more probably the fact that I tried to stay away from Golemizer for 2 weeks but the annoying lagging bug is finally fixed! I posted the details on the forums (

While the bug itself was quite easy to fix, the problem was to actually being able to reproduce it on command. Without the help of some players, the bug would still be there.

Pretty much all development on Golemizer was put on hold because of this bug and it will now be time to get back to work. The list of things to do is quite long (as usual) so I'll probably take a break from that other project (see previous blog post). Once again I end up being frustrated of not being able to as much as I'd like but the priority must remain Golemizer.

The first goal is still to get more players (or at least more visibility, always trying to reach a point where I'd be able to at least pay for the 2 servers I'm using which is currently not the case) but strengthening the current core of players is needed. So I have a list of bugs to fix that should make some people happy and some systems that I've been working only on paper so far to add.

So there should be a bit more activity around here soon...