Sunday, October 26, 2008

SWTOR: Lurking around

I've been lurking around some boards related to SWTOR and I'm not sure if it would make an interesting subject for social analysis or if it's just depressing. I'm talking about every "I hope there will be X", "What would you like to see" and "If it's not in it, I won't play it" posts.

Of course, everything here just concerns those actually posting on those boards which is, as we all know, only a minority.

When I was young, Christmas was a special day because I didn't know what was under that tree. Sure, I had wishes and made a list but I knew that I wasn't the one making the final choice. Now, maybe it's a bad impression, I often see kids that expecting to have THAT gift otherwise they will go into an unstoppable rage... and their parents are letting them be the little kings.

A lot of posters seems to still be dreaming of a pre-cu/pre-nge SWG, but better. Well, they're free to dream of it but it's just not going to happen. That's not the game Bioware is doing. Whine all you want, you're at the wrong place. Nothing bad wishing this but SWTOR will not be a pre-nge Star Wars game. Why keep fighting against it?

Others are applying their "Dream MMO wish list" to this game (just like they do to every other game). If it doesn't fit their list, then it's obviously a stupid game not worth anyone's time (yes, because their point of view must be applied to everyone else...). There's nothing bad "hoping" some feature will be included but often, they go nuts about it.

I often said that the comments screen at logout of Golemizer was a wonderful tool to keep in touch with players. Well, it also bring some waste of time. For example, I'm receiving comments like "It would be cool if you could be a magician", "Hey, why not add some cool swords with special power", "Would be better if it was 3D" and such.

Is it so hard to see that Golemizer is NOT a high fantasy setting, it is browser based and 2D? I mean, there's plenty of games fitting these requests, why change Golemizer into a clone? A car is a car, why try to make a plane out of it? A chocolate cookie is made of chocolate, why try to turn it into ice cream?

"Well if you don't do X I won't play your game"... What can I answer to this! (I know clearly what to answer btw but don't feel wasting time going into a debate about it) Pay me a full salary and I'll make you the game you want! No big deal... Or better, make your own game like you want it. I'm not the first one to have done this so it can obviously be done.

Of course, it's nothing new. The same happens to every game, I just happen to follow a bit more SWTOR. The good side is that even if the game is the clear opposite of what most of these posters are wishing for, they will still be playing the game. Heh! I saw this over and over while I was playing SWG. People were angry, kept posting how much they hated the game but still had 2-3 accounts they were paying for.

I tried World of Warcraft, didn't like it. Does it mean it's a bad game? No, I just said I didn't like it. Is posting around how better it would be if X would be done would help? No, there's obviously many people enjoying the game as it is (no matter what you read). It would be cool to be a jedi in WoW, but that's obviously not the point.

As for me, I'm a bit more open about the development of Golemizer. Since there's no team of writers and 20 coders around me to help, I let players be more involved in the development in the game and try not to mind much when one miss the target by 2 miles.

Bah, everytime this pop into my mind I think I useless it is and forget about it. Well, had a hard weekend and needed to change my mind so here is this post.

As for this project, no details will be released until open beta! ;-)

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