Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interesting endgame article

Tonight I fixed a bug, fixed a dungeon and approved a bunch of quests and still feel like I didn't do much. Bah, send your time over here, I need more. Without going into too much details, there might be an opportunity opening for me with my current employer that might help dedicate more time to Golemizer (and upcoming projects) in the long run. Anyway, waiting an answer from the boss...

So to relax a bit, I found this article where Damion Schubert talks about endgame in MMOs.

Mr. Schubert's blog is on my regular reading list (though it's been a bit quiet recently because he's working on SWTOR!) and there's some great stuff over there. So I'd recommend that you check the article if you're interested about endgame stuff. Great guidelines for my next project there.