Sunday, September 21, 2008

One week after launch, some stats

Here's some stats, just because I like stats, since the official launch on September 14.

Accounts created since official launch: 762

Players that have played since official launch: 801

Players that have played this weekend: 264

Most simultaneous players online (recorded every 30 minutes so not totally accurate): 24 on September 15

Gold of the richest character: 594

The number of recurring players is a great news and things are going pretty well so far. Doing a press release definitely helped though the biggest source of visitors since a week was from a directory of games.

Here's the top ten sources of traffic (#1 being the biggest source):

3. [direct access]
5. google / organic
6. yahoo / organic

It's somehow ironic that being a french canadian, but having released a game in english, that the second biggest source of traffic is from a french gaming news website.

Pretty much all sources (beside are results of the press release. Obviously, the press release also helped to get better ranking in Google and Yahoo as I'm seeing more and more traffic from those.

So that's it. A great first week. There's quite some exciting stuff coming soon in Golemizer that will surely make the experience more enjoyable and will expand some themes so hang in there!