Monday, June 23, 2008

Banner test concept #1

Preparing slowly but surely for release...

I'm not planning a large campaign for now but some efforts won't hurt. I'm not an artist and I'd rather spend money for graphics in the game so I'm trying to keep things simple here. Comments welcomed!

Click to see the banner


Anonymous said...

I tried the game as a guest but lots of things were broken. Logged out. Tried to leave you a comment with a full bug report, but the 'send comment' didn't work and I'm not going to retype all that.

Anonymous said...

Same problem... I really want your game to work because I like crafting in games.

I have saved all my comments from all the times it has locked up and refused to allow me to leave comments. I just keep tacking a new one on top.

If the comments don't get fixed and I keep finding myself so frustrated, I may stop trying to play. I want to encourage you in your game, but it is very unworkable and I can't play for more than 5 min before I am locked up or it crashes or even the program causes firefox to crash.

Please try to fix the comment bug.

Over00 said...

ok, first, I fixed the comments screen. The last update inserted a bug in this page which is now fixed. The page now works as before.

Second, I really appreciate your efforts to test the game but one must remember that it's in theory still in "closed" beta as I still haven't posted the official URL/release post. I know the URL got posted elsewhere so that might have been a little misleading.

Anyway, that's why I kept the "beta" tag on the front page to "lower" expectations. I'm aware that there's still stability problems and I won't make the game public until I fix those. As you said, it makes the experience very frustrating and doesn't encourage you to come back or spread good words about the game, which I cannot afford.

Be sure that I'm the first concerned about those problems. After about 1 year of work spent on free time between day job and social life, I'm not gonna let this project fail because of some server problem. That's my main concern and I will do everything this bring this project to an acceptable state.

It's up to me to prove that I'm able to deliver something, first stable and second enjoyable. So I cannot ask you anything beside maybe some time.

The only fact that you took time to post here tells me that there's still some chance you might hang not far until my work is done.

Thanks for reading and your feedbacks, it's really appreciated.