Monday, May 12, 2008

Two new golems

I'm expanding the zombie theme here but more will come. Have some nice ideas for mechanical ones and also a special type of golem that won't really be a golem.

Think of monuments, statues, ... Building them will provide prestige points to the whole guild on a regular basis (for example: 1 prestige points every hour). While they will be in the golem category, they will be helpless and motionless. So the guild will have to provide some defense for it.

That should open a more competitive gameplay style between guilds

Brainlocked Zombie

The Brainlocked Zombie is a regular zombie that will always follow your orders (zombies often forgots what you told them and will go on their own business). This makes it the first real golem that can be used while the player is online.

To craft this type of golem, the correct skill must be trained but the player must also purchase a "Rage Inhibitor" that is sold by some crazy fool located at -4,-6 on the map. You'll need to spend both gold and some prestige points to get it.

Plated Zombie

Another version of the regular zombie. This one has twice the HP but is also almost half as slow.