Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beta screenshot - New buildings

The last beta update pushed a lot of new data for new buildings. As mentioned before, all buildings will be crafted by players.

So far, there's 3 small houses models, 1 medium and 2 large. More are to come but I'll keep them for later. This update expanded the number of zone types available to add more buildings so it will be much faster to add new ones.

Here's the screenshot of the starting zone for now (click to zoom). There's even a cute bunny hopping around:


Poo Bear said...

Looking good, can't wait to give it a try. Have you seen ? Run by one guy for 5 years allegedly, makes money from micro transactions. Just nice to see that you don't need to be WoW to attract an audience and make a small income. I get the impression there's a lot of user involvement in the game i.e. making new maps, etc. Perhaps that's the key with something like this.

Over00 said...

Nice, thanks for pointing this game. To see this kind of project being alive for some years is really inspiring.

Getting players involved can definitely help to improve attachment to the game. I got some plans for this but that probably won't be part of the game at first, already a lot to do.

Oh and I forgot to point out that the arts are not from me. The buildings are all coming from the free to use library from Reiner's Tilesets:

Alehkhs said...

Hey, gotta say I am looking forward to this game. If there is ever a closed multi-user test, and you need a tester, be sure to throw me a line. Once I've had some hands-on, I'll put up a (p)review on the indy-review blog I write for,Puppy Buckets.

I will be watching your progress with this intently.