Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving on to closed beta

I'm at the point where I feel all the essential stuff is in and it's now time to start building the actual game.

The server seems quite stable. Every once in a while an error is logged but it's always related to LUAInterface's matters. Even then, it's seems never enough to crash any NPC, just freezing them for 1 second.

I started to install my admin tools on the server and used them to expand the world a bit. We were playing in a small 3x3 world and I expanded just a bit to start building the starting zone, the beach.

Recently, I finished the weapon/ammo system which might prove useful since there's now all the stuff needed to build nasty wolves... and cute rabbits.

I'll soon setup the web site as my experience with Chasing Tortoise showed me that trying to build documentation once everything is done is rather boring and that I might just forget stuff I did in the beginning. I still need to find the right Joomla template though. Something like the WoW website might fit my needs but still haven't found one like that (not looking for arts, just the modules positions mostly).

Talking about arts, I still have quite some job to do for this... Back to work!