Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Character's creation and login screenshots

Those are actual screenshots from the test version (click to zoom). I'm in no way a graphic artist but I kinda like how this came up (credits goes to Lost Garden for the wood and Charas Project for the avatars).

So this means that I'm now starting to set what will be the final look of the game. At this stage, pretty much all systems are in and stable and now it's time for yet another testing pass, then IE compatibility checks, optimization and finally building the actual game (world, skills, lore, ...).

Still a lot of work but it's getting closer to release each day.


Anonymous said...

I recognized the avatars and thought I'd mention that using them outside of an RPG-Maker game is pretty iffy. Most of the parts in the charas generators are directly from the RPG Maker RTP, and most of the rest are very minor edits. For most people using the charas generator, this doesn't matter, because you're given a full license to use the RTP resources in any RPG-Maker game in the licensing agreement. But the licensing agreement explicitly disallows them from being used in any other way. IANAL, but I don't think using derivative works of Enterbrain/ASCII's against their wishes is legal. The charas website mentions that they are intended for RPG Maker users, but they probably should've been more clear about that.

Over00 said...

hmm, so what you're saying is that most parts in Charas Project are ripped from RPG Maker? Well, they should surely put a note a bit more clear about it like "Graphics are under ASCII copyright" or something for those not familiar with the libraries of RPG Maker.

I was under the impression the graphics there were a collaborative effort to create more graphics for the RPG Maker. Not that graphics were actually from the RPG Maker.

Now that's a real problem for me. As I was trying to go on a budget for arts, I surely not have the budget to get a lawsuit.

You probably won't get the notice that I replied to your post but anyway, thanks for the warning, I wasn't aware I was using arts I wasn't supposed to use.

So I guess I'll be looking for a pixel artist fitting my budget unless I can come up with something nice myself. Even then, I'll have to make sure the arts are not copied or too close from RPG Maker.