Thursday, January 31, 2008

Missed Metaplace's chat... for a good reason at least

Well, I just forgot. I had my head busy pushing my new server code to my VPS.

I've learned a lot doing this project and I'm still learning. So far, the server code was running inside the web service that provides data to the client. It's all good as long as there are some sessions active but when no one's around, it stops. As I understand it, it's normal.

So I moved the server code to a windows service. Using .NET remoting, it's able to receive and deliver the data. Some things are still unclear but it should be more stable that way. Time will tell if I was right or if I missed something.

Moving the code really just took 5 minutes but figuring out how to use .NET remoting was a bit more harder. But when you get it all figured, you realized it's quite easy to do.

Now I'll just have to wait to check if it made it past the night!