Thursday, January 17, 2008

Got my VPS!

So last sunday I ordered a VPS with SolarVPS and until today, I had yet to receive any notice that my server was ready.

I used the "Live Sales Chat" they have on their website and in no time, I had my issue fixed and received my server's info in my inbox. Fast service, online chat, great!

I took the Microsoft Managed VenusX plan. For now it should be more than enough for my needs and after having done extensive research, it's a very good price for the level of support they give.

So I'll guess I'm gonna have some fun tonight setting this up!


Micha said...

Let me know if you need any off-site testing for it over the weekend or this coming week. Just PM me on the CT board with what you want me to try or something.

Over00 said...

Sunday I'm working all day long on this so all my settings should be done. Can't wait to get some people in it!