Saturday, December 15, 2007

MMO Demo 5 - Skill training, crafting, player housing

Click here for demo 5

Just a little disclaimer, I'm still not very good handling those videos. The "lag" you see is a result of this.

In this demo, you'll see better movement handling (because of point and click), skill training, crafting and how players can have a house.

For this demo I created 2 NPCs. Bob is a merchant selling houses, wood and iron. Jack is a skills trainer.

This demo shows Dak learning how to craft a small chest, buying wood and iron, craft his chest then buy a house and place his brand new chest inside his house. You'll even get a small glimpse at the guild interface but that's just a misclick from me...

You'll notice that the interface doesn't always react correctly (like on the first try to craft the chest, the first wood wasn't added correctly) but I'm still satisfied with it's current state considering it's still pre-alpha. I was expecting much more problems or glitches than that.

And don't worry, those horrible colors are just there to make it easier to spot different zones while testing. Like the red zones all around the play zone are used to move the character to adjacent zones.

Hope you'll enjoy this demo!


Eyenstyn said...

Hi, i read your post on gamedev forums and decided check out your blog.

i think your game is really cute :) please add some calming music to the game as i imagine this would persuade the user to carry on playing :)

Over00 said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by.

Music would be an interesting feature to add. It would probably be in the form of an independent player on the page though. There's ways to embed audio files with javascript but to limit the bandwidth, I'd probably not host that myself.

If I could find an partner that could provide the music's server that promote indie music fitting the game's setting, it would be a great addition.