Monday, December 31, 2007

Found by keywords

Just some fun stuff before going to yet another party (seems like this never ends...).

I was browsing the keywords used to find this blog on Google Analytics and here's the most used expressions:

"mini mmorpg"


"game development diary" (didn't know someone would search for something this specific)

"mini mmorpg games"

"point and click mmorpg" (I guess switching movement from keyboard to point and click was a good idea!)

"mmorpg demos"

Those all makes sense but here's some funny ones:

"best of mmorpg with skill punch" (I guess someone just want to punch the bad guys in the face)

"duplicated items in mmorpgs" (Hopefully, you won't find this here!)

"gm command to learn skill lockpicking" (hmm, again someone trying to cheat?)

"make mini piano" (eh, from my post about Ultima Online)

"mmorpg that is not point and click" (hehe, exact opposite of the other one)

"not just point and click mmorpg" (...come on...)