Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Design story - SunTzo creates a guild

SunTzo has a dream. He wants to create a guild. He clicks on the "Guild" button and the guild window appears.

Two options are available: create a new guild or asking to join an existing guild. SunTzo type the name of his guild, Elite Tactical Unit, and then type the acronym that will be used for it, ETU.

He clicks the "Create" button and SunTzo receives a notice that the guild has been created.

Dak heard a lot of good things about ETU. He talked a bit with some of its members and decides to send an admission request.

He clicks on the "Guild" button and type the name (or it could be the acronym) "Elite Tactical Unit" and click on the "Ask to join this guild" button.

SunTzo opens his guild window. In this window, he sees on the left the current members of the guild and on the right the request to join the guild. He sees that Dak has requested to join the guild. He right click on Dak's name and select "Add" from the context menu. Dak is now a member of ETU.

From now on, SunTzo and Dak are able to chat on the "Guild" channel which is a private channel available only to members of ETU.

From the guild window, SunTzo also have the possibility to kick members out of the guild or even to delete the guild. Dak's options are limited to quiting the guild, see the current members list and see the join requests. Options shown for Dak and SunTzo (guild leader) are different even if they both click on the same button to access the guild window.


Jedaz said...

There should be an invite ability. Eg.

SunTzu sees Author Dent walking around with is towl and decides "This is the kind of guy we need". SunTzu invites Author Dent to the guild. A message pops up asking Author if he wants to join the guild. Upon clicking yes Author joins the ranks among Dak and SunTzu

Heh, thats my 2 cents anyway

Over00 said...

Yeah, good point, but the problem I see is one could use this to spam others.

I think it in WoW that there is something like this. For the little time I played, I once run into someone that tried for 20 minutes to get me to sign his guild paper or whatever so he could start his guild.

Anyway, I'm not throwing away the idea, testing will help to see how this could be done without becoming a problem.