Monday, September 17, 2007

Some stats

Just found a new toy so I had to play with it! It's SlickEdit Gadget that I found here. So here's some stats just for fun.

Chasing Tortoise stats (click to zoom)

MMORPG Project stats (click to zoom)

Those stats doesn't count line of code in the databases and HTML/CSS code. As you can see, I'm putting a lot more comments for the MMORPG project since I found out that there wasn't enough in CT. While I still understand all my code, it makes it a bit harder sometimes to get my head back into the code.

For a gross evaluation of time, each time I work on a project, I do a backup just after (duh...). For Chasing Tortoise I have 260 backups and for my MMORPG project I have 39 so far.

I usually work an average of 2-3 hours for each backup (a bit more on sundays) so you do the math. Of course, this doesn't include time spent on design before starting to code, website administration and stuff like that.

First backup of Chasing Tortoirse was on september 29, 2006 (almost 1 year already!) and first backup of my MMORPG project was on july 17, 2007.

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Jedaz said...

Nice, well I think that since it's going to be Chasing Tortoise's 1st birthday I should go out drinking to celebrate. Coincidently I was already planning to go out on the 29th for my birthday (which is on the 30th =P)