Monday, September 10, 2007

Game framework features

Like I already said, the first step is not to build a game but to build a framework that will allow me to create games. Here's the list of features I want for this framework. This list will evolve so I've put a link to it in the right column of this blog.

So far, it's actually going faster than I thought it would. I just can't imagine how fast it would go if it wouldn't be of my day job... hehe. Of course, I constantly asked myself "Is this really needed? Am I going too deep on this feature?" just to make sure I'm not chasing things that won't really help me to achieve the first vision I have.

Some features already are in a functional stage. Those are marked with *. Check the demos to see the evolution. Note that I'm still not talking about the work done on the interface.

Players' Characters

- Access level: Player, GM, Admin * (access level is what set which commands can be used by who)
- Movement (right-click) *
- Inventory management *
- Equip weapon *
- Different avatars * (I'm not aiming for complete avatar customization at this point)
- Friendly character creation process *
- Guild system *
- Chat *
- Guild chat *
- Enter as guest (enter the world without creating an account) *
- Ban tool


- 2d up-down view *
- Zones management *
- Add props to a zone *
- Elevation (for collision) *


- Create exterior view *
- Enter/exit buildings *
- Custom creation of interior view *
- Automatic creation of buildings by a using a blueprint (By the use of a prop, create the exterior view and all zones with their walls. Ex.: Use a prop to create a type A house with 2 rooms) *
- Players owned buildings *


- Take *
- Put in a container from inventory *
- Buildings, weapons, decorations, containers, walls * (more props will come)


- Talk to *
- Creation of NPC by using a blueprint (I want to have something that allow players to create a NPC without having to use the /createnpc command)
- Merchants *
- Skills trainers *


- Player to player trading *
- Sell to a NPC
- Buy from a NPC *


- Skills training *
- Cool-down factor *
- Mining *
- Woodcutting *
- Crafting *

World Interaction

- Distance checks * (Ex.: for attacking, opening a chest, talking to a NPC, ...)


- Melee & Range * (basically it's just skills with different ranges)
- HP *
- Respawn *


Anonymous said...

wow, does anyone know about this game?
Why not (later) make a system for making levels and items, like you have with the CT maps. Of course theres potential for abuse WHEN the game gets big, but that will always be present.

Over00 said...

It's still at the (pre)alpha status so there's not much people knowing about it yet.

I got pretty much all the stuff running (might add 1 or 2 more features features) but there will still need massive testing.

A system to allow players to build zones/levels/buildings is very possible as all the commands already exist (I'm using them to build the world while actually "playing" in it). All that's needed is to build a user-friendly interface that anyone can use.

That's for sure something I'll make sure to visit in the futur.