Friday, August 31, 2007

Graphic resources for games

Here's some links of my research for game graphics.

Tool to create characters, faces and battleset

Lost Garden

Pixel Art community

Lots of stuff

Tilesets goldmine

RPG Maker resources

Tileset development for another 2d MMORPG

Toolkit's stuff

World Creator


Diego / Kimari / IndigoStatic said...

Hey, interesting pages! Do you know what kind of copyright there is for the tilesets on

Diego / Kimari / IndigoStatic said...

... and just now I notice how old this post is. Oh well, I'm still interested in knowing if I can use the graphics of

Over00 said...


To use the art on, you can refer to this page for term of use:

You can switch language at the top right of the web site.

Basically, it's free to use as long as you join something like this with your project:

"Some (All) of graphic data in this software are free game resources distributed by REFMAP(
You must not use the graphic data which is in this software, for the purpose except playing this game. When you want to get these resources, go to the website above."

Diego / Kimari / IndigoStatic said...

Thanks! I didn't notice the "english" button at the top ^^U
It's a real shame all the tilesets are in 16x16 pixels, since I need them in double the size, but I'll work with what I can get.

imkiki said...

Hi, if you are a indie game developer, you can get many game characters, game assets, game backgrounds, etc at

Thank you.